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And Gbatemp invents a new hack!

January 8th, 2009

Just after a few days 2009 brought us in, after seeing a heavy debate about using crediar’s preloader just to launch copy launchers easily… I posted this


Guess what the outcome was? People crazily chewed the idea and spitted a few more ideas… The result? Everyone started to patch every ios they have in their wiis!

What a safe way to approach modding a wii!

Actually my last sentence  just mimicked the very well known remark “get a life”…

At least we are saved from all those stupid banner stuff for backup launchers… you found the ultimate hack, now unite gbatemp… no more compatibility / make this sticky / blah blah tutorials threads please…

Lame stuff

  1. ether2802
    | #1

    I do really hate those backup channels and banners, some of them are soooooo lame :lol:

  2. | #2

    OMG! You didn’t got there did you ether?! haha so you mean you didnt like my backup banner? :)

  3. zeitin
    | #3

    excuse me for my english but i’ m french

    i have a little problem with crazy intro v0.3
    i installed preloaded v 0.27
    i put on the roof of my sd card the 3 folder boot.dol, boot.jpg, boot.mp3
    i put the all the rules for preloader: autoboot files
    and in hacks enabel for background

    and saves all
    my problem is at the start with this message: error opening .jpg exiting
    no such file or directory

    my mios is v30 and v290 in preloader

    can you help me please?

    i don’t know if it’ s the good place for said that so excuse me

  4. | #4

    Comment in the wrong page, no problem…

    Probably your windows hiding the file extensions, try renaming the files (music and picture files) just as boot… in the current form probably your files actually have names boot.jpg.jpg, boot.mp3.mp3 .

    You don’t have to rename the dol file..

    Then just copy all the files to the root of the sd card and install the dol using preloader’s install file option… then do the other settings.

  5. zeitin
    | #5

    ok i try this


    and i say for you if it’s ok

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