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Crazy Intro

January 31st, 2009

Custom Intro tool to use along with preloader,

Ok now we have a proof of concept video version, here is the sample video, download and readme :



-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CrazyIntro POC with Video v0.32 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

22/02/2009 WiiCrazy (I.R.on)
Changes :
* Garbled display at the start and in the end issue is solved
* No multiple wiimote clicking, pressing a single button will work
* You can have more than one video configured, just delimit the filenames with
Like this, <VideoFile filename="boot.wmv;bootdn1.avi;bootdn2.avi;lost.avi" />
Program will randomly select the video file and play...

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CrazyIntro POC with Video v0.31 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

21/02/2009 WiiCrazy (I.R.on)
This is basically proof of concept CrazyIntro with video support. In this
version mp3/jpeg stuff is deliberately taken off. Currently it's just a rip off
from mplayerwii... 

CrazyIntro.xml config file can be used for direct channel launching as usual.
A new config element named VideoFile added, you can define the boot video as the
filename element of VideoFile tag. An example config file and boot video
provided in the archive.

Sources are left out as usual because they are messy... I'll release
them as soon as I get them at the quality I expect from any published source.

Current bugs & glitches:

1. Mplayerwii build is rather bulky (which preloader doesn't like)
so I compressed the dol which makes the initial display garbled.

2. You need to press twice on wiimote to launch channels/hbc/system
menu. Though if it's a quick video you don't need to press anything,
the thing will automatically load system menu when video finished.

Thanks :
	MickeyBlue (for the example video included in the archive)
	My wife

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CrazyIntro POC with Video v0.31 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=



Here is the readme :

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CrazyIntro v0.3 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
07/02/2009 WiiCrazy (I.R.on)
* Shutdown with wiimote works... Normal power button or reset
  doesn't work, probably interferes with mp3 playing... yet to
  be resolved.
* Made it somewhat configurable, you can assign channels to
  directional buttons in the wiimote and quick boot into them.
  Example config xml provided. PictureIntroEffect and
  PictureOutroEffect settings have no use at the moment.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CrazyIntro v0.2 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

31/01/2009 WiiCrazy (I.R.on)
* Now returns to menu when music stops
* Fixed a file reading bug

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CrazyIntro v0.2 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CrazyIntro v0.1 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

31/01/2009 WiiCrazy (I.R.on)
A customizable intro program to use along with preloader,
Put your opening picture as boot.jpg and music as boot.mp3 in
the root of the sd card... and install this as an autoboot dol
for preloader.

Make sure you set return to menu option as system
menu so that when you return to menu from games & applications
intro is not booted again.

While on the intro screen, press A to boot into system menu,
press B to boot into Homebrew channel...
And this has nothing to do with booting backup games and such and
never will. If you can use preloader, then you can use this too..

In the works :
* Playing the sound streamed from sd card, now it loads into memory
* Playing avi, mpeg stuff
* Nice effects while entering and leaving the intro screen
* Full customization with settings
* Random stuff like a different intro for each day
* Later I want to make a random kanji displayer with this like this

Known bugs and limitations:
* Music stops before playing fully
* Pressing the power button crashes the program
* You can't sync your wiimote while this intro displayed...
  You can do it in the preloader menu for now
* Tested only on Preloader v0.27, may not work as expected in the other versions.

Thanks :
 Crediar giving us preloader,
 Devkitpro team,
 Teknecal, used the tutorial there for jpeg stuff

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= CrazyIntro v0.1 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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  1. aquilino
    | #1

    hey Wiicrazy

    for button power put this

    int return_reset=1;
    int exit_by_reset=0;
    void reset_call() {exit_by_reset=return_reset;}
    void power_call() {exit_by_reset=3;}
    void fun_exit()
           usleep(500);   // espera 500 ms por si hay algo que esté trabajando todavía
              SYS_ResetSystem(SYS_RETURNTOMENU, 0, 0);
              SYS_ResetSystem(SYS_POWEROFF_STANDBY, 0, 0);
    int main etc
    u32 buttonsDown = WPAD_ButtonsDown(0);
        if(exit_by_reset) exit(0);//return HBC change exit (0);  to power call or reset call don't crash
        if (buttonsDown & WPAD_BUTTON_A)

    I hope that it serves to you

    this is good and continues machine

  2. | #2

    Thanks a lot dude, I’ll add it as soon as I return from my business trip…

  3. Super Wario
    | #3

    Just in case you didn’t want to discuss Menu Patcher on Wiibrew.org’s page for your tool, I thought I would also post my questions here:

    What would be the best way to integrate Menu Patcher (Waninakoko) into this and Preloader so that it loads every time? Maybe a separate version for those people who might want this where pressing the A button loads Menu Patcher/Systemmenu. Also, any way to not have to hit what amounts to 2 buttons on the remote to start the channel of your choice (1st time to turn the remote on)? Thanks.

  4. | #4

    Actually this tool was named POCLauncher initially and it was patching the system menu through launching the custom menu patcher channel… I did several stuff like booting the wii to recovery mode and the likes…
    later aqulino used the same idea and came with a disc channel backup launching stuff. Below is the discussion thread,

    With preloader reloading ios directly doesn’t work with normal programs… You need to install a channel and boot that with the above methods.. So, it’s a bit cumbersome to both install and use… And there is a bug in either libogc or preloader that prevents the sd card access of the system menu… which is nasty…

    As for this program, I don’t want to implement such a feature.

    And about the need for two presses, I’ll investigate that

  5. Super Wario
    | #5

    Sorry to make you respond twice – but thank you nonetheless. You mentioned that Preloader already patches the menu, but it doesn’t accomplish (yet) the same result as Menu Patcher which allows for 1:1 backup loading in the Disc Channel, right? I fortunately have a Wiikey so I don’t care for my sake, but I was going to softmod a friend’s Wii and SHE (keyword here) probably won’t want to deal with a second channel for loading her backups if there is an easy way to do all of the disc loading via the Disc Channel. I realize I could go through the cIOSCorp method, but I am a bit hesitant about since it rewrites so much and I haven’t/won’t mess with it on my Wii. With that being said, I understand that there are large bugs to be worked out in terms of getting Menu Patcher synced with Crazy Intro, but it sounds like the easiest and least invasive method of Disc Channel loading assuming all works to plan. That’s easy for me to say, I know, but it seems like Preloader + Menu Patcher are a perfect match for each other, yet no one has really done that to completion. I cannot test it on my Wii (b/c of my Wiikey), but could use a Menu Patcher Channel and associate one of the direction buttons to it, to then load it that way at least for the first boot (the problem I guess would be each time you return back to the menu it wouldn’t kick in)? Or is that what you tried already?

    Thanks so much for Crazy Intro – works great for me – aside from not being able to find good themes yet! Also, if you don’t put an mp3 in there, it doesn’t seem to like it so I guess you could put a blank mp3 track of some sort. The song, at least for me, seems to take 5-10 seconds to start playing and by that point I am ready to hit a button so I don’t hear much of it. Thanks for everything!

  6. Superrob
    | #6

    Haha i love the fact that you used the death note opening ^^

  7. zeitin
    | #7

    simdi all is ok

    çok tesekur ederim

  8. | #8

    bir sey degil ;)
    (not at all)

  9. zeitin
    | #9


    it’ s just for ask if you have progress for video intro or somes news on it.

    because when i see your video,it’ s much better than just photo

    see you later.

  10. | #10

    Well currently working on it, I’ll release it as a different proof of concept version… (possibly with those glitches seen in the youtube video)

    Really need to get my hands on a trimmed down mplayer libs… so far not so good… I want to invest my time a little bit more into the usual photo+music and this time really add some usable effects for the picture…

  11. Super Wario
    | #11

    Pretty cool efforts on 0.32! I am guessing maybe one cannot get away with only hitting one button the remote to sync to the Wii. Basically the first press starts up the remote, and the second initiates the action you desire in your program. So perhaps there was no problem before if there is no way to auto-sync to a remote without hitting a button. Thanks!

  12. | #12

    Well actually I fixed the bug in the video version, the key to the solution is checking for both button pressed and button held statuses I guess… Soon I’ll integrate it into the mp3/jpeg version!

  13. ThaDSman
    | #13

    Hello wiicrazy, Is there anyway I could get that Wii promotional video you put out in the demo? I cant find a decent quality one anywhere on the net, I even payed for a gamespot membership to get the video thinking that it would be high quality but it was the same crap off of youtube. Love your work btw, this is my favorite out of all my homebrews:).

  14. | #14

    Well actually that video modified by MickeyBlue from gbatemp, I don’t know where he got the original from. (Possibly youtube)

    So it seems I have no idea about it :)

  15. Richard
    | #15

    Hello wiicrazy, can you add SD-HC support?

    Please add that.

    (These one aplication don´t autoboot in preloader 0.29 with System Menu 4.0)

  16. Kuro
    | #16

    Why does it go all crazy and/or code dump whenever I use an image taller than 440px? I used to have a nice 640×456 image that worked with an older version of CrazyIntro but it kills the new one.

    That and I’m having trouble with the presspicfade effect.

  17. Gustav
    | #17

    How do I link to apps, for example USB Loader GX?
    I don´t know the titel_id for this app. How do I get this info?

    Guess it will be something like this:

    <UpButtonLaunches title_id=”USBGX” title_name=”usbloader_gx”

  18. | #18

    Well title ids are 4 characters long… If you still have the wad, unpack it and you’ll see the title id in the tmd file dumped. Open it with a hex editor, it’s at position 0×190. Alternatively you can browse through installed channel titles in the any title deleter. If there is some meaningful abbreviation you may find it easier this way. But of course the definite way is the former.

  19. Gustav
    | #19

    I have a forwarder to usb loader gx, which i may be able to get this information from.

    Guess its not possible to point to a boot.dol file in the apps-folder?

    Thanx for the quick reply! :D

  20. Wii Hacker
    | #20

    I have a dude. what is the format of the video and name when this will be had?… what is the direction? SD:/boot.avi(or wmv) or SD:/apps….???? tell me please

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