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Released some beta crap :p

April 8th, 2009

Crap Screen

Crap is a channel creation tool for your usb loader backups
After a really long debug session and finding a buffer overrun in the wad unpacking library I’m releasing for the purpose of testing… only for experienced users who have unbricking measures from bad channels


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Launching disc games from channels

April 2nd, 2009

As you know, recently kwiirk released an usb loader of his own that is capable of launching different games from homebrew channel. Name of the loader is yal by the way it means dog food in Turkish, rather sad match…

Making a few changes in the code it can be used in the custom channels… so one can take the disc based game’s banner and can build a channel for the game as it is exactly seen in the disc channel… And the resulting channel can boot the game from usb drive.

Not going into details how this is accomplished since it’s pretty easy,
here is a link to the thread where this is discussed started by joda : Discussion thread

I’ll instead will use it to demonstrate custom channel launching feature of Crazy Intro with a lame intro… Yeah intro is lame, I didn’t have time to make better one….

Here it is :

Here is the dol used :
Here is one without printfs :

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