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Work on WiiGSC has started

December 26th, 2010

I’ve not been doing any wii related work recently, finally I got the motivation to move on and now work has been started on WiiGSC, Wii Game Shortcut Creator. Yes, Crap had a name change and WiiGSC name has been decided.

For the first release the initial task is to convert the app from Managed C++ to C# and drop all references to unmanaged libraries. It’s hard to find a free and decent converter to do the job automatically so I’ll be doing the conversion by gradually refactoring the application into managed C# libraries and finally converting the gui to c#.

Why the conversion you might say? Because managed c++’s syntax is very cumbersome and is not well suited for this app. Now we have everything in managed libraries, wbfs management to wad packing/unpacking routines and so on.

See you later, hopefully with a beta release of WiiGSC…

update 1 : Loader configuration part gone unmanaged, dropping the libconfig stuff… Next is the xm playing routine in the information screen…

update 2 : I’m halfway through it :p

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  1. Bugoy
    | #1

    I can’t wait for this new project you have. I like Crap how it is now.. But I would like to see what WiiGSC will look like. Looking into the CrazyIntro with video.. But not sure if it work for my softmod 4.3u

  2. Apokrif
    | #2

    Just was wondering, if you got segher’s tachtig & twintig converted to C# already.
    If yes – how far did you go – do you use OpenSSL or Windows API?

  3. kylster
    | #3

    Looking forward to your app & I hope your still working on it :) thanks for all you have done with the scene.

  4. shortz1994
    | #4

    sweet, like this app, just found out about 3.3 two weeks ago. an love this. but i have a problem with 3rd party? some of my games when i try to make channels for them, will say something about 3rd party.an when i check the folder, nothing is in it. the only ones that do it are the ones i got from gamefly.. is it gamefly or is it this app. i can give a game list. i know smash brothers brawl has a channel using crap. friend of mine made it. but i try to use it on mine an for some reason, i got a banner brick or semi brick.(wii would freeze when flipping through menu).

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