December 26th, 2008

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  1. freddy hooge
    | #1


    May i ask what is the new homebrewchannel title id.
    I wil use it for crazyintro, while HAXX, JODI and … dont work.

    Please help


  2. | #2

    Well homebrew channel’s new id unfortunately is not ascii it’s hex value is 00010002af1bf516. Printed equivalent of second part is : ¯õ , try copying and pasting it into crazyintro.xml… dunno if it would work…

    Nevertheless, Crazy Intro needs an update to support new HBC…

  3. Freddy Hooge
    | #3

    ¯õ doesnt work, leaving blank doesnt work eiter, or take out the rule HBC and Button B doesnt work either.

    When is the next update? and is it posible to load config files from usb as well ?

  4. | #4

    Well user base of this app is nearly diminished so I might announce it dead.

    Dunno but at least I can update it for HBC compatibility I guess. Probably next week as I’m in the process of moving my house ATM.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Freddy Hooe
    | #5

    Not only i, but manny other people would apriciate that!
    You would make manny people happy with the usb compatiblity.

    Keep up the good work!

    Thanx anyway.

    And i will be patient.

  6. Luca
    | #6


    when do you think to publish the new release of crazy intro?
    Do you think that the theme that i’m developing for the v. 1.1 will be compatible with next release?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. freddy hooge
    | #7

    Thanx verry verry much for maken hbc working again!
    Can u please make a version for loading config file from usb as well?
    Please please please ?

    I tried to do it to replase SD: with USB: in the .dol file with wordpad, but that didnt work.

    I woul apriciate that verry verry much!

  8. | #8

    @Luca : your theme will work as I’ve no plan in changing theme options at the moment.

    @freddy : it will happen, just I need to work on it.. please wait.

  9. Freddy Hooge
    | #9

    Ill be patient!

  10. Nadja85
    | #10


    I love your Crazy Intro but there’s something I would like to know.
    How can I user the max. resolution for my Bootscreen?
    I’m using my Wii with a FullHD TV (I know, Wii just uses max. EDTV).
    I tried some resolutions but the picture isn’t sharp and looks blurry all the time.


  11. Luca
    | #11

    freddy hooge :
    Thanx verry verry much for maken hbc working again!

    How have you done to make hbc working again, i don’t see no one new release of crazy intro….

  12. | #12

    @Nadja85 : Well if you make your images 608×456 then they will fit into your widescreen hd tv. At least that’s what I experienced.

    @Luca : I’ve made a quick fix but only released it on gbatemp. Here’s a link to my post in the relevant discussion thread.


  13. LJ
    | #13


    What is the situation of crazyintor working on usb ?
    Its a great piece of software wich id like to use for all my friends wii’s too!

  14. freddy hooge
    | #14

    Hi wiicrazy.

    I was wondering if there came a crazyintro with usb support.

  15. DoganReis
    | #15

    Wii ile ilgili bir sorum var. Yardımınızı rica ediyorum.

    Soft modlu wii’m var. Bir kaç gündür oyunlara kanal yapmak için uğraşıyorum. Dün sizin rehber sayesinde yaptım. Bugün kanalları yüklemeden önce multi mod manager ile sistem güncellemesi yaptım, mnm’den çıkmadan 5 6 tane oluşturduğun kanal yüklemesi yaptım. Konsol açılıyor, ilk A tuşuna basın ekranı çıkıyor ama ana ekran görüntüye gelmiyor. Sistem güncellemesi yaptığım için homebrew channel’de yok. :(

    Durum özetle bu. Bu cihazı kurtarmanın bir yolu var mı?

    Tekrar yardımlarınızı rica ediyorum.


  16. | #16


    Üzgünüm ki makineyi banner brick yapmışsın. Kurtarma yöntemi var ama biraz zahmetli. Bir kaç arkadaşın wii’sini o yöntemle kurtarmıştım.

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