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First beta release of WiiGSC

June 13th, 2011

Yes, the thing is no longer called Crap™!

This is a reworked and renamed reincarnation of Crap™ which is converted from Half Managed C++ to Managed C#.
Therefore you only need .Net Framework 2.0. Libeay and stuff is no longer needed!

It comes with an installer so it’s a bit more noob friendly,

All features&additions presented to Crap 3.3b release comes prebundled with this release (namely uLoader and wiiflow forwarders)

Also contains Japanese and S.Chinese translations submitted by hosigumayuugi and liuhaohua respectively (Thanks a lot!)

Sad news, it doesn’t come with any new fancy features yet

Here you go :

ps: beware, this is a beta version so except bugs & quirks.

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Work on WiiGSC has started

December 26th, 2010

I’ve not been doing any wii related work recently, finally I got the motivation to move on and now work has been started on WiiGSC, Wii Game Shortcut Creator. Yes, Crap had a name change and WiiGSC name has been decided.

For the first release the initial task is to convert the app from Managed C++ to C# and drop all references to unmanaged libraries. It’s hard to find a free and decent converter to do the job automatically so I’ll be doing the conversion by gradually refactoring the application into managed C# libraries and finally converting the gui to c#.

Why the conversion you might say? Because managed c++’s syntax is very cumbersome and is not well suited for this app. Now we have everything in managed libraries, wbfs management to wad packing/unpacking routines and so on.

See you later, hopefully with a beta release of WiiGSC…

update 1 : Loader configuration part gone unmanaged, dropping the libconfig stuff… Next is the xm playing routine in the information screen…

update 2 : I’m halfway through it :p

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Here comes a small anti-paronoia app MiiKorean

June 19th, 2010

Some lazy asses half requested it and while working for an alternative keygrabber for FE100 I just hacked one…

For reference, here is that half-request : How to know if my Wii is Korean with altered region?

App uses Ftpii’s versatile filesystem encapsulations of SEEPROM (a read only memory on the cpu of the wii) and it simply reads the korean key and checks if it all zeroes or not… If it’s not all zeroes than the suspect is a Korean wii otherwise it’s another country of origin.

You can download the thing here : MiiKorean thread at Wiidewii

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Crap 3.3b Released

April 29th, 2010

Yep, a new version of Crap with just a little bit of changes…

Download here : CrapV3.3b

Here is the changes


-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Crap v3.3b -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
30/04/2010 WiiCrazy (I.R.on)
* Multilanguage fixes, added new keys into several language files
in English. 

* New configuration string in crap.cfg to list extra parameters
for forwarders. 

* Semi-user-friendly filling of extra parameters. Just double
click from a list of all possible configuration strings.

* Added Italian language (thanks to wiixale)

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Crazy Intro gets mii display support

April 10th, 2010

Thanks to mdbrim who updated libmii and also provided a semi-library for displaying miis I was able to add the feature to Crazy Intro.

Here how it looks like,

Crazy Intro Mii

Crazy Intro Mii

If you haven’t used already, Crazy Intro have a feature where you can show a custom greeting (a custom picture & music) if one of your miis have birthday. Now it displays the miis who have their birthday.

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